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Why Aromatherapy Is Good For You

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years throughout many cultures. It has been widely believed, studied and concluded, that natural essential oils can help with the treatment of many ailments such as congestion, muscle pain, joint pain, anxiety, depression, eczema, psoriasis, sleep problems, fatigue, nausea, and inflammation. Used in conjunction with mindfulness meditation and yoga, aromatherapy can help to open the lungs for easier breathing, ease muscle soreness, and calm the mind. Essential oils can be used as topical agents or burned in a diffuser or wax candle.

Pure organic essential oils should not be ingested as it is too strong for the organs to digest properly. Used a skin agent, it is important to perform an allergy test before using it. It is recommended to use essential oils within other natural agents to dilute the oil such as soaps, body creams, and soy wax.

Below is a list of essential oils and their benefits:


This essential oil can help improve congestion and breath flow. It can also help to ease joint and muscle pain when used directly on the skin or through a body cream or butter. The Eucalyptus scent also helps to ease stress and anxiety.


This versatile essential oil has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that help with skin irritation and pain caused by eczema, dry skin, and minor burns. Pain from migraines and menstrual cycle is also eased with topical application. Studies have also shown that used as aromatherapy Lavender can ease depression and insomnia. A natural sleep agent, Lavender can be used as a topical application before bed to help sleep better.

Citrus such as Lemon and Orange:

These essential oils have anti-microbial that helps to kill bacteria that grow on the skin as well as Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. Studies have shown lemon and orange essential oils help with focus and alertness.


This oil works as an antiseptic and astringent that helps clear the pores and reduce minor skin inflammation, making it a great anti-aging product. The woody scent helps to reduce stress and increase focus, making it a natural aphrodisiac.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and insect repellent. This oil can be used to treat minor cuts and scrapes, and to reduce skin itchiness and inflammation caused by insect bites and acne.

Using natural organic essential oils can be costly, but the benefits can certainly be worth the cost.

Blue Lilly Care, LLC was formed with the power of aromatherapy in mind. The store is set to launch by the end of August. We will have a wide range of aromatherapy all-natural handmade skincare and wellness products.

At Blue Lilly, we believe in the power of holistic health and the connection to aroma and skin therapy. Use our product lines as part of your daily workout, yoga, meditation, and bathing to enhance your holistic healing journey.

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