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Entering the Fifth Dimension

In the western practices of mindfulness, the fifth dimension of consciousness is believed to be a plane of existence where the collective consciousness awakens, and the human ego is left behind. The ego is shed and what is left is connectedness and peace. Most people will never be able to experience the fifth dimension. Many will be able to travel back and forth. This is because the human ego can only be completely shed through death. Although there are many theories that suggest many people do experience it while allowing the ego to participate as sort of an assistant to the conscience. The Dali Lama is a great example of this type of person.

The fifth dimension is not a place or a thing. Time and space do not exist on their own, yet it is infinite together. The fifth dimension suggests that we are all connected through our energy and higher selves, and our human bodies are only here to manifest this consciousness.

Scientists refer to the fifth dimension as the existence of energy and particles on a single plane created by the waves of energy rippled by black holes. Naked to the human eye, these areas in space were found in 2015. The theory of a fifth-dimension claims magnetism is stronger than any gravitational pull. These dimensions are thought to possibly have biological components or existence of energy we have yet to understand. Quantum physics theorizes these dimensions may house parallel universes that may contain biological beings just like us.

In the Hindu tradition of tantra, you reach the fifth dimension when you can hone in on your Vishuddhi chakra, or your throat chakra, which represents the chakra of insight and understanding. Once mastered, it is said that when experiencing this focus, peace, and love is vibrated.

In Theosophy, it is believed that we reach levels of spiritual development through reincarnation. The fifth initiation (dimension) is the awakening or resurrection. At this point, a person can teleport or transcend and ascend into another realm. These people are believed to reach full spirituality and will no longer need to reincarnate. However, the fourth dimension must be mastered first. The fourth initiation is the process of shedding the ego.

In western culture mindfulness practices, meditation is used to raise your consciousness to the scientific and spiritual form of the fifth dimension. This is said to elevate a person to their higher self and experience a connectedness to the universe and hence everything in the physical world. It is when a person is able to understand that they are no one but instead part of everything. Once you return from the plane, a feeling and understanding of true peace are achieved. Mindfulness practices have been found to help with anxiety, depression, and physical ailments.

In a world of uncertainty and conflict, I find it crucial to practice ways to find our individual peace and the understanding of what peace means to others. Positivity, peace, and love can only be achieved when our egos are shed and all that is left is acceptance and love. The ego houses outrage, jealousy, gluttony, and judgment. It is time for us all to find a way towards the path of peace.

Meditation can help us reach these planes of consciousness. Below are some great resources to help you get started.


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