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Welcome! I live in the sunshine state with my husband and children. I'm a lover of organic and natural products, and now I get to produce and share them with you! I'm a big believer in holistic health so I designed this site to provide resources and information that will help you on your wellness journey.  

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Our Story

Blue Lilly Care was created to provide health and wellness information, and all-natural handmade skincare and aromatherapy products that promote holistic health. All items are created with 100% natural and organic ingredients that are skin safe and therapeutic grade.

At Blue Lilly, we believe in the power of the mind-body connection. Use our product lines as part of your daily workout, yoga, meditation, and bathing to enhance your holistic health journey. Visit our articles section to learn more about holistic healing.

About our chemistry:
Our ingredients are natural and organic. All our essential oils are organic premium grade and skin safe. All butters and oils are organic, sourced and combined carefully with the intention of ensuring a quality product and fulfilling our mission of promoting holistic health.

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